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Pro Hockey Uniforms & Apparel

Standard Uniform Package (price includes HST)

Standard Uniform Package (price includes HST)

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  • Home & Away Jerseys
  • Pant Shell
  • One Pair Game Socks

Pant Shell Sizing Instructions:

  1. Find the measurement around your child's waist with there hockey pants on.
  2. Find the closest match to that measurement on the sizing chart attached here…and note the "RYR size”…160, 42, 44, etc.
  3. Also look at Size Equivalency Chart by hovering over images here.

Please note: Shell waist measurements are with the draw-cord fully opened… You will need to account for 2-4” less once tightened.

  1. Find the length measurement from the waist to the bottom seam of their hockey pants.
  2. Go back to the "RYR size” you noted in step 2…and see how the corresponding length measurement matches up (You may need to add or subtract some length to get the ideal fit. You have that option under “length alteration” above).
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